Summary Edit

The Hotel reaches a power outage and Jessie, Luke, Emma, Austin, Ally, Riley, Maya, Liv, Maddie, Topanga, Auggie, Tyler, Garrett, Delia, Logan, Jasmine and Avery are trapped inside.

Plot Edit

Topanga puts Auggie to bed but than the power goes out and so they run downstairs. Jessie, Luke, Emma, Austin, Ally, Maya, Riley, Liv, Maddie, Tyler, Avery, Logan, Jasmine, Delia and Garrett are down there.

Liv says they could pass the time by telling scary stories. Liv goes first. "It was a Dark and stormy night!" Princess Liv falls into the river. Prince Garrett saves her and they are caught by Sheriff Maddie. The Evil Witch(Jessie)catches them and puts a spell on them so that their lips can never touch or they will drop dead. Sheriff Maddie trys to kill the witch and break the spell but the Witch shoots her with Lightning. Prince Garrett than kills the Witch by picking her up and throwing her off the hill and into the river.

Luke than goes. "It was a late Halloween night". Riley, Maya, Avery, Tyler, Jasmine and Delia go to a supposed haunted mansion. As they go into the library Tyler disappears. They suspect he just ditched them and was to scared. They walk into the kitchen and find knives sticking out of the walls. Maya than disappears. They than turn on a TV and find the date to be 1804. Delia goes missing. They find a 1800's style car and look in it. Riley disappears. Avery and Jasmine get freaked out and try to turn on the car. Jasmine tells Avery to turn it on. But there is no answer. Jasmine looks and Avery is not there. Jasmine than screams as Riley, Maya, Avery, Tyler and Delia's ghost are lead by Lord Franklin Luke III. She is than transformed into a ghost and they all smile and laugh evilly.

Auggie is than the only person that is not scared yet. He than begins. "It was a night that every one feared: November 1st!" Topanga, Emma, Logan, Tyler and Austin were one big family. Emma, Logan, Tyler and Austin were quadruplets. Topanga says she is going to find food for their village. Unbeknownst to them she really just runs off. As lighting strikes at midnight, Logan gets scared because at Midnight if there is lighting it means there are Vampires, Werewolves and Ghosts. And the only way to protect yourself is to cover yourself in butter. Logan does it but Emma, Tyler and Austin just laugh. A Vampire than tackles Austin. A Ghost gets Tyler, and a Werewolf gets Emma. At 7:30 Logan hears a knock and opens the door. A younge village boy(Auggie) comes in saying that his family didn't believe him about the Ghosts, Werewolves and Vampires and they were eaten. Topanga comes in and Logan and Auggie realizes she is the November 2nd Scare. Logan tells Auggie that every November 2nd a Woman is possessed and eats every one with a G in their name. They than scream and are eaten.

Everybody seems to just laugh at Auggie's story. They than realize that the lights are still out.

Cast Edit

Main Edit

  • Debby Ryan as Jessie Wentworth
  • Ross Lynch as Austin Moon
  • Rowan Blanchard as Riley Matthews
  • G. Hannelius as Avery Jennings
  • Dove Cameron as Liv and Madddie Roonie
  • Olivia Holt as Lindy Watson
  • Sabrina Carpenter as Maya Hart
  • Blake Michael as Tyler James
  • Laura Marano as Ally Dawson
  • Austin North as Logan Watson

Recurring Edit

  • Peyton List as Emma Ross
  • Cameron Boyce as Luke Ross
  • Piper Curda as Jasmine Kang
  • Peyton Clark as Garrett
  • Sarah Gilman as Delia Delfano
  • August Mitchell as Auggie Matthews
  • Danielle Fishel as Topanga Matthews

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